Brigitte VIOLIER's concept

NATURE is the essence of Brigitte VIOLIER’s concept

Nature orchestrates cuisine according to the different seasons.

It subtly sneaks into the layout of the restaurant’s décor with the five elements; wood, heat, earth, metal and water.

It awakens your 5 senses…

Wellness settles in at this time of discovery!

5 éléments
Art de la table

underline the footprint of crissier’s 3-star CHEFs

Room Philippe Rochat

In the calm and relaxing environment of room Philippe Rochat, come live the present moment …

Room Frédy Girardet

Room Frédy Girardet where the whole history of the restaurant began.

The decoration is structured around the art of service, which like our cuisine is constantly evolving…

Private room Franck Giovannini

On the 1st floor, private room Franck Giovannini offers the discretion and comfort that business meals or birthday or marriage celebrations may require.

The smokehouse

The place for relaxation while enjoying a quality cigar.

Brigitte Violier guests’ TABLE

The Chef’s table or the B. Violier guests’ table will provide you with a unique fine dining experience close to the Chefs.

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Practical information

The restaurant is open Tuesday through Saturday, 09:30AM to 11:30PM.

We welcome you for your meal from 12PM to 1PM and 7PM to 8:30PM.