Our restaurant
A story, UNIQUE in the world

an outstanding setting where you can savor the moment

It is not only about a Fine Dining experience, but rather a moment where luxury, magic and wellness come together.

Girardet, Rochat, Violier, Giovannini, four Swiss legends, 3 Michelin stars, 19/20 Gault&Millau, driven by an unconditional love of taste, flavors, authenticity. 

A perfect balance attained by more than 50 years of serving under one motto: excellence.

In the heights of Lausanne, Brigitte Violier treats you to an unforgettable journey to the table of the best restaurant in the world.

Welcome to the Restaurant de l'Hôtel de ville in Crissier.

Art de la table
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Separate unique atmospheres, a subtle decor, a cuisine full of history, dive into the restaurant universe through this virtual tour.


underline the footprint of crissier’s 3-star CHEFs

Room Philippe Rochat

In the calm and relaxing environment of room Philippe Rochat, come live the present moment …

Room Frédy Girardet

Room Frédy Girardet where the whole history of the restaurant began.

The decoration is structured around the art of service, which like our cuisine is constantly evolving…

Private room Franck Giovannini

On the 1st floor, private room Franck Giovannini offers the discretion and comfort that business meals or birthday or marriage celebrations may require.

The smokehouse

The place for relaxation while enjoying a quality cigar.

Benoît Violier guests’ table

The Chef’s table or the B. Violier guests’ table will provide you with a unique fine dining experience close to the Chefs.

The team of
Restaurant de l'Hôtel de Ville de Crissier

Executive chef
Franck Giovannini

Franck Giovannini

A gourmet cuisine of exception

In Crissier, near Lausanne, Chef Franck Giovanni crafts a cuisine utilizing healthy products. It is a constantly evolving gourmet cuisine, which upholds the philosophy of this great restaurant.

a cuisine of values

  • Respect of product: We treat each food entering the restaurant with respect, by ensuring its essence is not altered.
  • Purity of tastes: We work the ingredient without overly mixing the tastes. The dishes that structure the menu are conceived to avoid repetition of flavors.
  • Product selection: The product that is brought to the restaurant is sorted and selected based on quality, considering its texture, its visual aspect and its taste.
  • High level of control of the products: Every morning we receive raw and whole ingredients to keep the freshness and the high quality.
  • Product freshness: The supply of foods is structured around maximizing freshness as related to storage life.
  • Nutritional component: The menus are designed to ensure integration of a variety of foods, in order to respect the nutritional balance.
  • Texture of the dishes: The ingredients are combined to create dishes that respect balance of textures.
Franck Giovannini

General director
Brigitte Violier

Brigitte Violier

A history that makes this an exceptional RESTAURANT

Brigitte Violier brings sweetness and charm to this institution.

She safeguards respect of the values of the Restaurant de l'Hôtel de ville.

She strengthens the organization of the restaurant to allow staff to develop their talents at the service of our clients.

"Come live and experience wellness through fine dining"

Brigitte Violier

Restaurant director
Alessandro Egidi

Alessandro Egidi

An elegant and personalized service

Your experience starts well before you go through the door of the 3-star restaurant.

In order to offer you excellence, we have to share it with our staff.

At Crissier, elegance, extreme attention to detail, and satisfaction of our guests are fruits of a leadership built on human interaction, listening and sharing.

That is the philosophy of Alessandro. It is unique. It has been forged by different experiences in renowned institutions around the world, continuously improved over a 15-year career.

In order for the Restaurant de l'Hôtel de ville de Crissier’s magic to operate properly, it also must be found in its soul, its surroundings, its organization, and its state of mind.

Brigitte Violier and Franck Giovannini compose the music, Alessandro Egidi conducts the orchestra.

Alessandro Egidi

58 staff members

« Surround oneself of the best, demand perfection. The house encompasses a team of 58 staff members graduated from prestigious Swiss, French and other institutions abroad.

All staff shares their skills, their professionalism and their passion for food to the great satisfaction of Crissier’s guests.

We are inspired by approaches to management of high level athletes.

Team spirit, challenge, confidence, sharing. 4 values that unify our staff members. »

generations of

Practical information

The restaurant is open Tuesday through Saturday, 09:30AM to 11:30PM.

We welcome you for your meal from 12PM to 1PM and 7PM to 8:30PM.